The headline: "Windows 7 Next-Gen Graphics". The teaser: "Windows 7 will usher in a host of changes all over the OS, including a major overhaul of the graphics architecture. Here's what you can expect.".

From the article:

The changes to the graphics landscape you can expect in 7 are not sea changes, but these relatively minor upgrades should provide welcome features and may have a significant impact on consumers.

Now that's more in line with what I've been hearing. Vista was an architectural release, changing many things in the core of the OS, and that's why it's compatibility, especially regarding drivers, was terrible.

The focus of Windows 7 has been on polish and usability rather than features. Windows 7 is building on the foundation work that was done in Vista, so there will be less upheaval when it arrives.
Apple is doing the same thing with Snow Leopard - taking a break from features to work on improving what's already there.

I'm glad that both companies are doing this, and especially that they're both doing it at the same time.

(Mark Russinovich's Inside Windows 7 video is a good watch if you're into kernel stuff).