VP Debate

I watched the US election Vice Presidential debate last night, and wanted to post my thoughts before reading what other people thought.

Sarah Palin did better than I expected. From the Katie Couric interviews, my expectations were pretty low, but she seemed like a solid candidate.

Joe Biden did better than I expected. I was expecting someone boring, but he turned out to be a pretty good debater and gave the impression of having a real depth of experience.

When Joe answered a question, his answer was better, more often than Sarah. Sarah dodged the question in a few cases, once even saying she wasn't going to answer the question "the way you want me to" (which was, to answer it at all). And I don't think in that case it was an unfair question (I don't remember offhand what it was, but Joe had an answer).

Joe's answers seemed to go one level deeper than Sarah's. I felt like I learned something from Joe; Sarah just said stuff I already knew.

So in my opinion, advantage: Joe Biden.