Palin on SNL

US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was on SNL last night, and it was the strangest guest appearance by a politican I've seen. And I've been watching SNL a long time.

SNL is a tough gig because it's Live TV and some of it is improv. John McCain was on SNL a few years ago, and he was funny. He did a good job. After seeing Obama do comedy at some big fundraising dinner a few days ago, I'm not looking forward to seeing him on SNL, but at least he tried.

Sarah didn't try. Her first appearance, during the opening skit, was mostly her reacting to what Lorne and Alex were doing, and her second appearance, during Weekend Update, didn't even try to hide the fact that she wasn't going to try to act. She basically said she decided not to do the skit she was going to do and let Amy did it instead.

It was a disappointing appearance, because we really didn't get to see Sarah Palin at all.

(Here's John McCain on SNL, and here's Sarah Palin on SNL last night).