One of those days: Windows Home Server Edition

Okay, it's probably not WHS's fault, but an hour or so ago WHS told me that it needed to repair the system drive. No problem, I told it to go ahead. That's the last I heard from WHS.

I went downstairs to check, and found a black screen telling me that c:\windows\system32\config\system is corrupt. Sigh. Look for the WHS installation CD, can't find it. While I'm looking for that, I find a bootable memory test CD, so I boot that. Hmm, lots of memory errors.

Check the BIOS, and the 12V power number looks like it's a bit low (11.18 volts). Maybe that's the problem.

Unfortunately the PC repair shops that I deal with are closed on Sundays, so I guess this is a job for tomorrow. Hopefully the power supply is causing the memory errors and caused something bad to happen with the drives, and I can just swap the power supply, boot WHS from CD so it can fix itself so it can boot again, and everything will be back to normal.

But somehow I just know it's not going to be that easy...