iPhone Recipe Site Tweaking

I did a bit more tweaking of the Recipes site for the iPhone this evening. It basically came down to using the iPhone CSS on a few more pages, which makes the text big enough to read on the iPhone.

I ran into a problem with setting the background for the <pre> tag using CSS. In Safari on the Mac (and in other browsers), the background would be as wide as it needed to be based on the width of the content. On the iPhone, the background would be narrower than required, leaving the text floating on a strange grey box. To workaround this, I changed it so there is no background behind the recipe on the iPhone, though I think it looks better the other way.

One thing I can't figure out is what to do about the Google ads on the recipe pages. I'm forcing the text to 32 point, but I can't change the size of the ad, so you get this teeny ad at the bottom of the page:


Anyone come up with a way to ads that look good on the iPhone?