Canadian iPhone Price Plan Hint

This Financial Post article presents some information from Rogers president and COO Nadir Mohamed:

Rogers now earns about $63 in average revenue per user (ARPU), a figure that has risen rapidly over the past few years with the increasing usage of data-heavy services such as text messaging and over-the-air music downloads.

With the introduction of the 3G iPhone and its application store on July 11, Mr. Mohamed estimated the device will bring about $90 in blended ARPU to the company, a reflection of how important wireless broadband adoption will be to the bottom lines of telecom providers.

They're not going to raise their ARPU to $90 by charging iPhone users less than $90 per month for the device, are they?

They might assume we're going to generate $10/month on apps and other premiums.. that leaves about $80/month for service. $40 for voice, $40 for data. That doesn't seem out of line.