A Bad Mac Installer

I needed to scan a document today, so I pulled my trusty Canon LiDE 30 scanner off the shelf. I haven't used it since the Mac switch, so I went looking for a Mac driver, and found one.

Installing it was fun. The installer disk image is a pile of folders and something that might be an installer but with the "I don't have an icon" icon:


I ran the installer, and apparently it wanted to find some "install locations":


I guess it didn't find any, so the installer proceeded with none selected. Now, this installer apparently lets me install to more than one location. That's handy for the times when I want to install something in more than one place, but only want to run the installer once. Which happens never.


Well, I added my Applications folder as an Install location and the Install button lit up. Looks like I'm good to go:


Or not:


Why is it we tolerate such bad installers from driver developers?

No scanning for me today, I guess.