Almost a year ago, I wrote about Twitter:

The only reason it’s interesting is that it’s reached a critical mass - but it’s so obviously *not* got staying power that I’m amazed so many people are so interested in it. It’s fun to play with for a little while, but I seriously doubt people are going to keep posting their little life updates once the novelty wears off.

And yet here we are a year later, and Twitter is not only alive, but growing.

So why is it?

I compared Twitter to IRC, and gave some reasons IRC stopped growing years ago (to the point where most folks today have no idea what it is), but I never actually said there was anything wrong with IRC. IRC was great. And Twitter is still the closest thing we have to an IRC that works for everybody (across firewalls, with no configuration hassles).

So I'm going to hang out in Twitter for a bit, and see what it's like. I still find the sense of community that existed in the BBS days, and again in IRC days, is missing on the Web today. Maybe this is it.

Updates here.