Photoshop Express

In case you missed it, Adobe has released Photoshop Express. Express is basically a Flex based version of something like Flickr or SmugMug, and so far, looks promising.

It doesn't really have the feature set to compete with the existing sites yet, but it's only a first release and it'll be interesting to see where it goes.

One aspect of Flex that I don't like is that it really doesn't work well over Remote Desktop. If I connect to work over the VPN to work and then run a Flex application through Remote Desktop, it's slow. If I use the local browser to use the same app, it's fast. This is an artifact of the way the Flash player draws things.

But for Photoshop Express this doesn't seem like an issue, because I don't see a scenario where I wouldn't be running the app locally.

Here's a link to some Ottawa Winter 2007 / 2008 photos I took this year, in a Photoshop Express album.