Stewart and Colbert Deliver

In case you weren't aware, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is back (as "A Daily Show with Jon Stewart" - as Jon explains, it's not The Daily Show without the full staff, it's just A Daily Show), with Stewart writing his own material until the strike ends.  Same with the Colbert Report (now with an empahsis on the T).

I figured these were both smart guys so they could handle doing some of their own writing, but I was expecting an abbreviated show, a show with more filler than usual, or maybe a short burst of good material with the quality tapering off.  But so far, they've delivered.  I liked Colbert's explanation on the first day back that it's just a technical glitch with the teleprompter - that there weren't any words in it.

The shows that have aired since they went back on with their own stuff are at least in the top 10%, maybe top 5% quality for the entire series.  I'm impressed.