Please Stop Reorganizing MSDN

Oh look, another Google search result that leads to an MSDN page that's gone missing (the 2nd link on the results page, at least as of right now).

This happens far too often.  There's really no excuse for Microsoft not realizing by now that search engines index their site, and that users use search engines to find developer content far more than they use MSDN.

How about some search engine friendly URLs?  For example, the link above is:

Basically a meaningless string.

This is the page that should have been hit by that link (I think):

Another meaningless string.

How about something like...

This has a version number in the URL.  I can tell from the URL that it's for a win32 function and that the documentation is relevant to Windows 2000.  With a URL like this:

This URL would even let me Google for Vista specific documentation, and tell if I found it because it's right there in the URL.

Sun did a great job of this with Java.  Even though the documentation is way old:

This link still works, and I can tell by reading it what I'm going to get.