Three More Red Lights

Well, as I predicted when I wrote Microsoft Must Like Exchanging Xbox's, my 360 has died again.  This is my fourth exchange, so the new box will be my fifth Xbox 360.

I'm going to try to get them to cross-ship me a new one, let's see how that goes.

... well, it didn't go very well.  I went through the usual annoying script with the lady (who had to verify absolutely everything with me - at least the last guy I talked to, with a Southern accent, was willing to cut me some slack there) who said that because this was my fourth time sending it back, they'd escalate me to a repair and replacement specialist, who would keep me informed as to the status of my repair.

They didn't promise it would be any faster; in fact, the coffin they're sending me to send the box back in won't arrive for "3 to 5 business days", but they did promise that I'd be updated frequently as to the status of my repair.

Here are my issues:

  • They sent me a box with the same problem as what I sent my last one in for.
  • They can't guarantee me they won't do the same again.
  • They're pretending I'm going to get some priority this time, but they can't cross-ship a replacement and still say it will take "3 to 4 weeks" to get a replacement.

On this call alone I was warned twice that if I have tampered with the machine that they'll send it back without exchanging it.  Nothing like a little bit of calling your customer a criminal to set the tone.

The folks on the phone sound like they'll be shot if they vary from the script. She wanted to go through some troubleshooting with me; I said "well the light on the power supply is green, I tried removing the hard drive, turning it off for a while to let it cool, none of that worked".  So she said "yes sir I understand that.  Now please tell me, when you have this problem, can you look at the power supply and tell me what colour the light is showing?".  Argh!