No Leopard Yet

Apple Canada used Purolator to ship out Leopard, and Purolator seems to be doing a bad job of it.  I haven't gotten mine yet, and there are various reports around the Web of people still waiting.

Apple promised delivery on Friday (release day), and so shipped my copy overnight on Thursday.  It should have been delivered Friday, but it wasn't.  I called Purolator and the lady basically said I couldn't expect overnight delivery from the US.  (um, then why do you call it "Overnight"?).

They do deliver on Saturday, but even though they were late with this shipment, it wasn't scheduled for Saturday delivery, so I'd have to wait until Monday.

Now it's Monday.  I check Purolator's delivery status page and it says:


The last line worried me, so I called Purolator.  What they told me is that basically it was on the wrong truck, and that they wouldn't be able to deliver it today.  They did offer to let me pick it up, so tonight I can pick it up from the depot unless it's not there yet.  They weren't able to guarantee it would be at the depot before it closed.

I wish Apple would have used FedEx.