XBox Media Center Update

Here's an interesting rumor:  A new Media Center client is in the works, but this time instead of being based on the Remote Desktop protocol, it's based on a direct connection between Vista's media center and a new Xbox applet, which will be downloadable from Xbox Live.

This should eliminate the long delay when you first connect to Media Center, where your PC needs to basically log you in before you can do anything, and make TV watching more like browsing music and media.

The really interesting thing is that since this new client is downloaded through Xbox Live and the Xbox 360 basically sees as another Xbox Live Arcade game, there will be achievements you can earn simply by watching TV!

Here's a tentative list:

Casual Viewer (15):
Watch 10 Hours of TV.

Couch Potato (25):
Watch 100 Hours of TV.

TV Addict (35):
Watch 1000 Hours of TV.

Loyal Viewer (20):
Record an entire year's worth of any weekly series.

Channel Surfer (20):
Watch 10 hours of TV spending no more than 5 consecutive minutes on any channel.

Die Hard (35): 
Watch every Bruce Willis movie.

Bon Bons (25):
Watch an entire season of any soap opera.

News Junkie (20):
Watch 10 hours of every 24 hour news channel.

Well rounded (30): 
Watch 1 complete show from every category.

Doh! (25): (Secret)
(No description).

I'm curious about that last one.  A Simpsons series or movie tie-in?