Spock is Evil

I'm not talking about that guy on the right.  I'm talking about the new social networking site, spock.com.

The different thing about Spock.com is that instead of asking people to sign up, they're crawling other sites and pulling profiles, and populating their database with what's already out there. 

So you go to Spock.com and enter your name, and they show you what they know about you.  They probably already know something about you if you use other social networking sites.

But here's where it gets evil:  If you want to "claim ownership" of the page that has the information about you, then you need to prove that you're the person whose page they originally crawled.

Google does this sort of thing by asking you to put a special code somewhere on a page and then they go crawl it, but Spock goes for the gusto:


So all I have to do is give them my LinkedIn login and password, and they'll let me claim ownership of my information, which they stole from LinkedIn.

Once they can log into my LinkedIn account who knows what other information they'll harvest from me or my contacts.  No thanks.