Does the PS3 Price Cut make me want one?

So after vehemently denying it just a couple of days ago, Sony has announced that it's cutting the price on the 60gb PS3 by $100 and introducing an 80gb model (though the 80gb model is similar to models sold in other countries, which don't include the hardware-based Emotion Engine used for PS2 emulation).

First, shouldn't companies know by now to simply say "no comment" on all price rumours rather than actually specifically denying them? Now they just look like liars.

Anyway, given that I'm somewhat into high tech toys, I considered the PS3 again at it's new price point, and you know, I just can't do it. I know I won't end up using it.

There are two games that defined the PS2 for me. I actually bought a PS2 to play GTA, and to play Katamari Damacy.

So it's a bit ironic that right when Sony cuts the PS3 price, Beautiful Katamari is also revealed to be an XBox 360-only title.

So what would I get out of a PS3?

The media capabilities of the device are mostly there in the 360. It would be nice if the 360 supported more video formats, but I've pretty much worked around that now.

I don't need the WiFi that the PS3 comes with; I have wires where my console goes.

Games? It's hard to find a PS3-Exclusive games list that isn't based mostly on speculation; Googling for PS3 Exclusive finds you lists of lost PS3 exclusives. A few exclusives are Resistance, MGS4, Ridge Racer 7, Full Auto 2, Virtua Fighter 5.. there are more but nothing really compelling.

A Blu-Ray player. I have an HD-DVD player for the 360, so while it would be nice to be on both sides of the format wars, it's just not worth the price for the extra movies. HD-DVD to HD-DVD+Blu-Ray isn't as great a jump as DVD to HD-DVD.

So unfortunately the answer right now is no, the PS3 price cut doesn't make me want one. They really need a system-selling killer game. Maybe once Little Big Planet comes out...