Bot Race

The bots have been indexing the Recipe Archive, and it's kind of fun to watch.

Google started out strong, grabbing 487 pages on the first day, while Yahoo picked up only 140. The 2nd day, they were almost tied with 473 and 437.

Yahoo picked up the pace on day 3 with 1081 pages to Google's 509, but then Google hit the turbo button and picked up 6687 pages on day 4 compared to Yahoo's 1081.

Oh, and on day 4, msnbot indexed 2 pages.

But msnbot must have sensed the competition heating up because the next day, it grabbed 7 pages, to Google's 1768 and Yahoo's 2737.

The grand totals after a week's worth of indexing: Google in #1 with 9924, Yahoo in 2nd place with 6061, and MSN stalled at the starting line with a total of 7 pages fetched.

Google's also doing a much better job of getting the results online quickly: I'm seeing search traffic from Google already, and I've yet to see the first hit from Yahoo. Maybe Yahoo just doesn't think the site is that relevant. I disagree. :)