I haven't posted a Vista complaint in a few weeks.. but that's mostly because I was on vacation.  Today's problem is a pretty serious one.

I typically turn on auto updates on systems I don't look at very often, and my Media Center box is one of those.  Today, while fighting with a problem getting the XBox 360 to connect to WMP11 (that's another story), I ran Windows Update on that box, and was quite surprised to discover it has been failing to install updates for the last two months.

Windows Update history shows every update that isn't a Windows Defender definition update has been failing.  Checking the WindowsUpdate.log, the suspious line is this one:

2007-05-21 11:30:29:832 4748 b74 Handler FATAL: CBS called Error with 0x80071a91

Not sure what CBS is, but there's a CBS log in Windows\Logs\CBS, and a couple of suspicious lines there:

2007-05-21 11:31:31, Error CSI 0000019c@2007/5/21:15:31:31.576 (F) d:\vistartm\base\xml\udom_builder.cpp(932): Error c000a083 [Error,Facility=(system),Code=41091 (0xa083)] originated in function CMicrodomXmlWalker::XmlError expression: (null)
2007-05-21 11:31:40, Error CSI 0000019d (F) HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(14098) #78347# from Windows::ServicingAPI::CCSITransactionAnalysis_ICSIInventory::GetComponentInformation(flags = 0, class = ICSIInventory_GET_COMPONENT_INFORMATION_CLASS_BASIC (1), information = [1]"{"0[2]", "(unknown enumerant 3)[2]", "0[1]"}")

Unfortunately they're just a bit too low level to be of much use..

I tried downloading the install I wanted and installing it manually using the WUSA tool, but even that fails.  I simply can't install updates on this box.