Wii Production

Wonder why the Wii's still not in stock anywhere?  Apparently Nintendo's just not making that many.

The number of Wii consoles shipped reached 3 million fairly quickly, but they've been slow coming in since Christmas.

They're planning to increase production, but it sounds like that won't help until April.  Funny thing is back in October '06 the prediction was they were going to have lots:

UBS says two million Wii consoles were produced in Q3 2006 and in addition "at least seven million and potentially as high as nine million more units are in the build plan for 4Q06."

Nintendo could be looking at a build of up to 11 million consoles before the end of the calendar year - an amazing figure compared to struggling Sony, which announced the availability of only 500,000 PS3s on launch.

I wonder what happened.

What I don't understand is why none of the major retailers have a "waiting list".  Having to keep checking the websites or dropping into stores hoping to get lucky and find someone unpacking a crate of Wii's is silly.  Let me sign up and ship me one when you get it.