Vista Control Panel Search

Another little "what were they thinking" Vista tidbit:  The control panel has a search box (as do a lot of places in the OS) which seems like a good thing, but let me tell you, nothing is more frustrating than a search box that doesn't find things that you know are there.

Vista's control panel search doesn't search inside the "Administrative Tools" section of the control panel.  This means even though you can get to the IIS settings by clicking Start / Control Panel, you won't find them using the search box.


Also, once you get into one of the control panel apps, Search is gone and you're on your own.  Considering the complexity of tools like the IIS Manager, an integrated Search would be handy.

Even once I bring up the help in the IIS Manager, searching for something basic like "log" (I want to see where the log file is going) still doesn't help me find what I'm really looking for.

Update:  Of course I had to pick the setting that you can't actually change.  Seriously.  In Vista, there's no UI for setting where the log files go, you have to change this setting through the command line.