Toyota Prius

I've been kicking around the idea of a new vehicle, especially a hybrid vehicle, and the Toyota Prius caught my eye.  It's a small hybrid car that's loaded with geeky toys.  Super fuel-efficient (60mpg city), and compared to my current gas-hog AWD minivan, which gets about 15mpg, I'd save a bundle with the amount of driving I do.

So I dropped by Toyota on the weekend to try one out, and much to my disappointment, found out that I simply don't fit.  I'm 6'2" tall, and the leg room, even with the seats all the way back, is simply inadequate.  Bummer.

There still aren't a lot of options for hybrids.  Check out this (apparently government run) list of hybrid vehicles.

I like our Caravan, and I'd buy another, but even the current non-AWD version is only 19mpg in the city where the Escape Hybrid is 36mpg.

Vehicles are such a waste of money that part of me just wants to buy a small used car and drive that, but having a family and frequently going on 500km trips, that's just no fun.

So far the Escape is the most interesting looking for me, just based on what I've seen, but I haven't driven one yet.  Hope I fit..