I’m not blind!

So I'm trying to figure out how to turn off the flying window animation in Vista, because it's interfering with something I'm trying to do.  XP had a dialog that had the various visual effects the OS was capable of, and you could turn them on and off.

The equivalent dialog in Vista doesn't have a setting for this.

So after stumbling around the new control panel for a while (and using Search, which is seriously broken), I asked Google, which pointed me to this page.

In order to turn off the animated windows, you have to tell Vista that you're blind.  Seriously.  The steps to take are:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Open the Ease of Access Center (the one with the icon that looks like a wheelchair)
  3. Click on "Use the computer without a display" (subtitled "Optimize for blindness")
  4. Click "Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)".

I'll just leave it at that.