Baby Update

Okay so all of you who don't care can just skip this post.. but inspired by Tim Bray, I wanted to say some stuff about babies and when they choose to develop.

As a software developer, milestones are points that we strive to reach, and each of them has a deadline.  So charts like this Baby Milestones chart, even though they all come with disclaimers, are just temptation to say "hey buddy, you're late!".

It's interesting to look at the chart and compare it with when Matthew "hit the milestone". 

For example, Matthew was following my eyes around from just a few days after birth, and tracking an object at around 4 weeks, early according to the chart.  He was early on a lot of the physical milestones - rolling over at 3 months, crawling 6, and walking at 8.  He's great with his hands.  All ahead of schedule.

But we''ve had some schedule slippage on first words, and mimicing our actions, neither of which Matthew has decided it's time to do yet.  I'm trying to introduce him to the idea of crunch time, but he's got that "we'll ship it when it's ready" attitude that always frustrates users, but inevitably leads to better products.