Microsoft pushing XPS

Check out this excerpt from Jeffery Snover's post on the PowerShell Cheat Sheet:

Given that I posted it a week before the Office 2007 launch, it turned out that not many people could read that so I posted it in PDF format as well.

It now turns out that the corporate direction is to use XPS (I'm told that XPS viewers are readily available).

Jeffrey did the right thing by posting it in PDF, because that's what customers want.  But apparently Microsoft is requiring documents be posted in XPS?

This is a political move to try to push XPS adoption, and doesn't do any good for their customers.  It's a disappointing move by Microsoft.

Is there anyone that would rather have an XPS file than a PDF?  Comment here, and say why.

(And I still like my own PowerShell Cheat Sheet - it's not as pretty but it's got more meat).

Update: Jeffrey posted a comment saying that he wasn't required to use XPS; he chose to do it to support the XPS team's efforts. That's a much better reason to use XPS, although as a customer it's still not the format I'd prefer.