Google SketchUp 6 on Windows Vista

There's a new free version of Google SketchUp available, but it doesn't install on Windows Vista.  Or does it?

When you run the setup, it tells you that you're not using a supported OS, and exits.  No option to install it anyway; it just prevents itself from being installed.

Ever-foolish, I configured the SketchUp installer to run in Windows XP Compatibility mode (right-click on it, and on the Compatibility tab, indicate the version of Windows you'd like to pretend you're running).

In this case, the Setup wasn't kidding:  Once SketchUp installed, I launched it, and after bringing up some UI, it hung.

Bummer.  I wonder what the incompatibility is.  This is the first program that I've wanted to run on Vista that I haven't been able to run; ironic that it's released so long after Vista has been made available to developers.  Apparently someone doesn't think Vista is all that important.