Annoyances in Vista Search Results

I keep finding little details I like about Vista, and little details I don't. 

Yesterday it was the fact that the Explorer doesn't update itself when you delete a file the way it used to (sometimes), so I was looking at an Explorer window that was showing me a file that I thought was there, and it wasn't until I tried to open it that I found out it was really gone.

Today, it's a quirk in the way search results are presented.

I searched for "acrobat tomatoes".  (Okay, I didn't, but this is an example that shows the problem).  Doesn't this search result make it look like there's a program called "acrobat tomatoes"?

The problem is that if the first word of your search is the name of a program, then it shows the search query as the name of the program (presumably because it's going to launch Acrobat with the argument 'tomatoes').

Hey look it's iTunes 8!  I didn't know that was out yet.  Well, it's not.  But if you're looking for a particular version of a program, Vista's search won't help you.

I think they should have done something different to the program name so you could tell the difference between your search query and the result it's showing.