I was just in Best Buy looking at the PS3 demo kiosk, and the PS3 there had a lot of video trailers of games loaded, but only a few actual game demos. I fired up Motorstorm for a look.

It's a very nice looking game and the physics seemed excellent during the short time I played it – but the frame rate is terrible. It's noticeably slow.

I'm surprised they'd make this available as a demo in the kiosk. It just makes the system look bad.

I don't know what's going to happen with the PS3; my prediction is that it will sell slowly but surely. But in the mean time, all those PS3 exclusive games that people were expecting are more likely to show up on multiple platforms, simply to help the developers recoup costs. There's a rumour this weekend that MGS4 will come out on the Xbox 360, and it's not hard to believe.

Next Christmas will be much more interesting than this Christmas, since this year, the Xbox is on store shelves, and the PS3 and Wii are still harder to get than that crazy new Elmo.

According to NexGenWars, the Wii is approaching 2 million sold of the promised 4 million, and the PS3 is approaching 500k of 1 million. The last full weekend before Christmas has passed; any chance they'll make it? And what of Microsoft's promise to sell 10 million Xbox 360s by the end of 2006?

The funny thing is hearing Sony say they "couldn't be more pleased" with the PS3 launch. Personally I can think of a few more ways they could possibly be more pleased.