Deleting Songs from iTunes

iTunes is lacking one key feature, the ability to delete songs you don't like when you aren't letting it manage your music library.

The way I use iTunes is I have a network share where my music lives, and the various computers that I use to play music all import the music from there.  Letting iTunes manage my music library isn't an option.

When you delete a song in iTunes, if the song is managed by iTunes, it will offer to let you delete it; in the mode I'm using it, there's just no way.  It will remove it from the iTunes library, but not from disk.

I've been using 1 star to mean "I never want to hear this again", meaning music I can safely delete.  (The idea of deleting music never used to appeal to me, but now I realize there are some songs that I'm just carrying along that I really never will want to listen to again; why not get rid of them?).


I wrote a little tool that will delete all songs with one star from both iTunes and from disk.  It's something that I only expect you'd want to run occasionally.

To use it:  Get the .NET Framework 2.0 if you don't have it already (here), Download the zip file (here), unzip it, and run the included executable.

It's a console app, and will print the names of all the files it's deleting as it's deleting them.

If you want to preview what it would delete, without actually doing it, add the "print" command line option.

As with any tool that like this, back up your music before running this tool for the first time, to make sure it doesn't do something silly like delete all your 5 star music, or all your music.

I've posted the source code to Google Code, here.