LED Flashlights

Wasn't long ago that the idea of an LED flashlight was cool in itself, but I realized they've gone mainstream when I picked up 4 pack of mini LED flashlights, each one with 8 LEDs (so they're super bright) for $12 at Costco.  The package came with batteries - and usuall 12 AAA batteries would cost more than $12.

I bought a number of Photon Lights in the past - one of them was cool enough that a guy offered me $50 to buy it off me on the spot (which I took - I only paid $20 for it).  But today, you can buy a little black pig with blue LED eyes and an oinker sound at Linens 'n Things for $4.

Looks like if I want to keep up my cool flashlight collection I'll have to move a little more upscale, like stuff from surefire flashlights.  It's amazing how much you can spend on a flashlight.

(I bought a green laser a few years ago - at least those haven't come down in price enough that they're commonplace today; I've yet to meet anyone else that has one).