XBox 360 Dashboard Update

They've pushed the Fall 2006 dashboard update out the consoles; mine updated itself this morning.

Not a single new feature that's really interesting to me.  It's mostly refinements of what's already there, and support for a new video mode that my TV doesn't support.

I wanted a web browser; I wanted the ability to stream MPG movies from my pc.  I wanted more content, like the ability to watch YouTube or even soapbox videos. 

Microsoft's online model reminds me of the walled garden model that cell phone carriers use.  It's a closed system, and the only way in is through some very guarded channels.  As a result, the meager content that is available, other than game demos, is generally not that compelling.

Sony has the potential to blow this open.  The PS3 comes with a web browser, and is coming from a company with huge media assets.  If Sony can sell music and TV shows through the PS3 Online service, they could win the online war - and maybe generate enough money to make the network an asset instead of a liability.