Zombies ate my XBox

After my bad week last week, I figured I needed some relaxing so I picked up Dead Rising for the XBox 360.  Popped it into the XBox, and found out that my XBox DVD drive has stopped working.

It doesn't spin up - the XBox thinks everything is ok (it goes through the "Closing" / "Reading" sequence when I insert the disc) but I never hear the drive spin up.

My van is back in the shop this morning, and my XBox is waiting for Purolator to deliver a box for it to ride off to it's graveyard in. 

Oh, and a little rant about Microsoft:  Rather than cross-shipping me a new XBox 360, they're sending me an empty box.  I will put my XBox in the empty box and send it back to Microsoft, at which point they will ship me a new XBox.

When my iPod broke, Apple shipped me a new one right away (I had it in two days), and the box they sent me the new one in was the box I was to return the old one in.  Very efficient, and I had working hardware in 2 days instead of 2 weeks.

Does Microsoft not trust their customers enough to ship back the old box?