Back Online

Things are finally getting back to normal.

I have Rogers as my ISP now, as well as my cable provider, and cellular provider.  The only thing I'm not using them for is telephone, and since Bell is having some serious problems with the phone system in my new area (hum on the line, static, dropped calls), I may end up with Rogers for that as well.

It's funny how the cycle goes.  About 4 years ago, I was using Rogers for all this stuff, and then after a string of bad experiences, I switched.  StarChoice for TV, Magma for Internet, Vonage for telephone.  But now, mostly because of a lack of options, I'm back with Rogers for everything but the phone.

I would have stuck with Magma as my ISP, but DSL isn't available in my area.  But my Rogers High Speed is surprisingly fast, Vonage works better than it did with Magma (not sure why), and it's just worked since it was set up.  No complaints.

The DSR530 PVR that StarChoice is selling is terrible.  It's the main reason I switched back to Rogers, but there are some other benefits that the two way nature of cable gives that StarChoice just can't touch, like instant pay-per-view, and video on demand.

Now I'm just waiting for my XBox 360 to return from repair, and I have to figure out why my SMT5600 Smartphone stopped working today.