So rumour has it Microsoft is going to get into the portable media player business, with the Zune brand (or is that a codename)?

Anyway, there are a few things they could do here that would set themselves apart. 

If they lock Zune into some particular proprietary music store, it’s all over.  It’s got to work with my collection of MP3’s better than the iPod does.  This wouldn’t be hard to do, and should be obvious, but it depends on who’s running the show whether this is obvious to the right people or not.

WiFi has great potential.  The best use of WiFi would be to automatically sync the device while it’s in my car parked in the laneway.  That would be a killer feature.

And something it’s absolutely got to have is an iPod connector (or adapter).  I can plug an iPod directly into my van.  Any new player I buy has to work with that.

Here’s hoping.