Qumana Mac, Blog Ads

I'm posting this from the Mac using Qumana.  Looks and feels, well, a bit out of place on the Mac - I'm not exactly sure why; but it is a beta, so perhaps it will improve.  Functionally, it's excellent.

Hey - Qumana has an ad system.  Lets try this out.

Ads by AdGenta.com

Cool - I have ads on my site to cover hosting costs and whatnot, but I've never tried putting ads into the RSS feed.  I don't really like the idea of ads in RSS, but maybe I'll try it occasionally to see how it goes.

Qumana lets me enter keywords, and generates the ad based on the keywords I type.  I used the keyword "dream theater" for the ad in this post; looks like it found appropiate content for that keyword.