Migrating to WordPress

No no, I’m not migrating again.. but it kinda feels that way.

My old blogging software is still online, because Google, doesn’t parse the meaning of  “please visit my new blog”.  Google needs to be told that you’ve moved to update it’s database to the new place.  I never got around to installing a permanent redirect on the old site, so it was still #1 for a lot of the Google searches that find my stuff.

Today I fixed that.  I installed ISAPI Rewrite, and configured it to redirect the most commonly referenced pages on the old site to those specific pages on the new site, and to redirect everything else to the front page.

I’ve been watching the log file and realizing that there are a lot of old web apps and URLs that people still hit, that don’t go anywhere useful.. so I’m installing redirects for everything to somewhere useful, or simply to the new blog page.

If you’re one of those that subscribed to my Radio RSS feed years ago and are just now seeing all these new posts… Welcome back!