Google Scholar

Trying to find real information online these days is difficult.  Many topic searches lead you to advocacy groups and biased information, often disguised as serious, unbiased information.

Google Scholar is a different kind of search than the main Google index.  It only searches research materials, not the whole Internet.

I’ve found that when I’m you’re trying to find real information, especially on topics related to science or medicine, Scholar delivers the goods far more often than the main index.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re considering cloth diapers, and you’re looking for information.  Doing the search on the main Google index gives you 1.7 million hits, but most of the hits on the front page are people trying to sell you cloth diapers.

The first hit on the Goolgle Scholar results page is “Clinical effects of diaper types on the skin of normal infants and infants with atopic dermatitis”.  Real information, and that continues through all the results.