Embraer E170

I’m back home again.  The temperature change (from +20 celsius to -20 celsius) is far worse than the time change.  Brr.

Last time I flew, the regional jet that I flew from Ottawa to Chicago was equipment code ER4, which is an Embraer ERJ-145.  The ERJ-145 doesn’t have much room overhead for carry-on material so you end up checking your carryon and you have to pick it up after the flight.. and I found the seats to be quite cramped.

On this flight, the regional jet was code E70, which is an Embraer ERJ-170.

The 170 is a newer plane and it shows – it was quieter, bigger, and more comfortable.  Apparently it’s faster and more fuel-efficient as well.  The seats were all leather and there was just a bit more leg room.

I imagine the interior appointments are decided by the airline, not by the manufacturer, so that the same plane flown by someone other than United Express might not be so nice, but I was pretty happy with this one.

I’ve leared over the last few trips that it pays to look at the plane you’re going to get when booking a trip - some are just more comfortable than others, and when you’re going to be sitting there for hours wishing you had enough room to open your laptop, it pays to do a bit of research.