Does the XBox 360 Need Saving?

I’ve been very happy with my XBox 360, but I keep reading stories in the media about how flawed it is, how screwed up the launch was, how buggy the console is, and on and on.  As an XBox 360 owner, I just don’t see it.  I’ve had a great time with it for the last 3 months – I was an avid PC gamer, and I don’t think I’ve spent an hour on PC gaming since getting the 360.

Here’s a typical story, Five Ways to Save the XBox 360.  The five suggested ways to “save” the console are:

  • Redesign the hardware. 
  • Release a killer game.
  • Lock down GTA4 as XBox 360 Exclusive.
  • Turn the 360 into an MMO console.
  • Sell full games (not just arcade games) as downloads.

First, the hardware is just fine.  It’s heavy, yeah, but I wonder what percentage of people lug their console around.  I don’t, anyway, so I’m happy with it the way it is.  I like the fact that the power supply is external so I can hide it away, and the console itself is fairly sleek.

Killer game?  Halo 3 is coming.

Lock down GTA4?  I don’t like the GTA series.

I agree the 360 needs an MMORPG.  But one of the best next generation MMOGs is going to be Saga of Heroes by Vanguard Games, the guys who created EverQuest.  And who’s their publisher?  Microsoft Games.  I’m not too worried on this front.

And selling full games as downloads is something that’s going to happen.  Just a matter of time.

I know I’m probably feeding the trolls by writing this.  It seems like a lot of the commonly-linked-to writing online these days is just sensationalist material intended to generate messages like this one that create more links to the site.. but the volume of “what’s wrong with the XBox 360” makes me wonder what I’m missing.  Why does anyone pay attention to these things?