Resetting the SMT5600

My SMT5600 smartphone started giving me grief today - out of nowhere, it refused to boot up.

It would show the Rogers (my carrier) logo, then the Windows Mobile screen, and either hang there, or boot again.

I installed some third party software today, and I suspect that one of these apps did something that made Windows Mobile unable to boot. I went looking for a reset procedure, and it took me a while before I found one, but when I did, it did work and now my phone is happy again.

Here's how to reset it if this happens to you:

- Take out the battery and put it back in.
- Hold down the two menu keys (the ones below the screen) and press the power button for about a half second.

If you got the timing right, the phone will tell you to press '0' to restore the phone to factory defaults; if it tries to boot up again, just remove the battery and start over.

Not that you should have to do this stuff with your telephone...