GooglePlex Rumour

InformationWeek references a WSJ rumour about a new Google utility bundle, called GooglePlex.  It goes like this:

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the search firm plans to unveil its Google Pack of software that will include Adobe Reader, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware, RealNetworks' RealPlayer, Symantec anti-virus software and instant messaging software from Trillian. The package will likely include Google's search software and its Picasa image management application, Google Talk IM, and Google mapping software.

I don’t buy it. RealPlayer is crap (and Google has been using Flash Video on, Symantec’s software is intrusive (which generally Google avoids being), and having both Google Talk and Trillian in the package would be redundant.

Rumours about Google seem to have legs these days, but this one just doesn’t seem plausible.