Steve Wozniak

I listed to TWiT this morning, and Steve Wozniak was a guest.  It was an excellent show.

A biography of Steve Wozniak that I read when I was 18 or so had a big effect on me.  I loved that he was portrayed as this sort of techno-wiz prankster; the story in the book that I remember is of him building a TV jammer and using it to get people to go over and whack their TV or stand at weird angles to make the picture “better”.

He told a story on this show about his laser pointers.  For one, he’s got a blue laser pointer.  Nobody manufactures blue laser pointers - they’re just too expensive – but he had one made for him.  Nice. 

Another laser story – he’d put a small metal item on a table, and shine a laser on it.  After a little while, the item would start to move a bit – the longer the light was on it, the more it would move.  Light makes heat, he’d explain, not letting on the magnet under the table.

It’s good to hear he hasn’t changed.