Posting Entries with Images

By the way, if you’re looking for an efficient workflow for creating blog posts with snippets of your desktop or window screenshots, here’s the secret.

Create your posts using FrontPage. 

You can paste an image into FrontPage and it will automatically generate a filename and save it to disk for you.  You can create and edit your post in FrontPage, using it’s HTML editing capabilities, and then copy the entire post from FrontPage and paste it into BlogJet.

Then when you post with BlogJet, the image files generated with FrontPage will be uploaded to the FTP server you configure in BlogJet, and your posts will be posted using the normal XML-RPC or whatever posting API that your blogging tool uses, with HTML pointing to the uploaded images.

I did this for the TableAdapter article and it worked great.

(Note to self:  Try this with DreamWeaver)