Weblogs.com sells for $2.3 million

Dave sold his ping server sold for $2.3 million dollars.

This depresses me.

I've had the opportunities to create the sorts of things in the blogging space that have now started turning into real cash for their creators, but I've never had the time to really pursue them.

Or rather, I guess, I've never made the time.

If I'd chosen, say, 3 years ago, to quit my day job and work on software, where would I be?

There's no way to say, but I'd probably have written an aggregator, a WYSIWYG blog posting tool, a simple podcasting tool (still haven't seem one I really like) and had more time to pursue the Long Tail site (which I still think is a good idea). And I would have had the time to pursue my distributed RSS ideas, which I still think are relevant.

That's the difference between an entrepreneur and, well, me... I never took the risk.

And now that we've got a baby on the way, I need to get used to the idea that I'll probably never get the opportunity to take that risk - at least, not for a number of years. I have no delusions about pursuing serious software development during my "spare time" with a new baby in the house; this blog is going to get pretty quiet around March of 2006.

I've always had more ideas than time. I think this is a problem a lot of software developers have, and it's the reason I've always pursued developer productivity as a goal in software architectures - because I want to get more done myself in less time.

It's the closest I can get to cloning myself (which I hear can have negative consequences).