Max Day 2

Max Day 2 is winding down. Tonight Macromedia has a special event at Disney's California Adventure. Tomorrow's the last day, and then it's back to Ottawa. They're replacing the Max theme on the Anaheim Convention Center with a Herbalife theme; I guess that's the next convention.

Other folks are talking about Max here.

The sessions today just drove home the stuff that was starting to sink in yesterday: That Flash is a capable runtime, and Flex is a capable Rich Internet Application framework built on top of it. And I can start using it today, not in (insert number of years until Avalon is on enough desktops that I can use it in a web application). Flex 2 is going to make a lot of difficult things, like collaboration and occasionally connected applications real.

Flex is built on the Flash runtime. Breeze is built on the Flash runtime.

I'm a little disappointed that the lovely Macromedia sweatshirt they were giving out as a free gift wasn't available in a size that fit me. I guess my wife gets another piece of high tech apparel. The PDC was the same.