Google Account == Passport

It's nice to see Google unifying the authentication schemes for all their sites - you can now use your Google Account for Gmail, Orkut, home page personalization, Groups, Talk, and Video Upload.

Google has access to all sorts of personal information, tying all these services together, and nobody really thinks about the privacy implications or really scrutinizes Google the way everyone is so used to scrutinizing Microsoft.

Access to all your email, plus your search history, your friends, your chat conversations... talk about being able to build up a good profile on a user. I think Google's app strategies are really focused on giving them access to more information about their users, to help better target ads.

For example, Google is going to be introducing a calendar app. If I have 'Visit Mom' on my calendar, then maybe I'm a good target for ads for flowers or greeting cards. Seems like a great strategy to me.