Off to PDC

I scheduled this entry to appear at the moment my plane takes off for the PDC. I have to be at the airport before 6am, which will be 3am relative to the time I'll be going to bed tomorrow night. Going to be a long day. I've never been able to sleep on airplanes, so I've loaded the laptop up with stuff to keep me busy. But I doubt I'll have enough battery to last half the trip.

I'm bringing my camera, but it's not a pocket size camera so I doubt I'll have it at the convention center more than maybe one day. Still I'll try to post a few pictures.

I'm bringing the Powerbook as well as my wife's Averatec laptop. The Powerbook is just so much lighter and better on batteries. I expect I'll mostly be using it for taking notes, so it shouldn't make a difference what platform it is, but I'm afraid some Microsoft folk are going to refuse me entrance with it. Hope not. :)

Anyway, see you in LA!