My Cats Have a LitterMaid Addiction

I wrote a LitterMaid review a few years ago when I started using it, but mine has finally died.

It may not have been completely beyond repair, but it was making some horrible grinding noises and having a hard time getting it’s job done.

I didn’t replace it right away, because I’m going to be moving in a few months, and that means I need to sell the house I’m in.  The LitterMaid I had has either a defect or a design flaw (not sure which) in that near the end of the comb’s run through the litter, when it’s swinging up and just before it dumps the litter into the pan, it gets slightly stuck.

The motor keeps pushing while the arm is stuck, so that eventually it builds up enough pressure to snap free, but this snapping free causes what’s on the arm to fly up in the air.  Most of it lands in the pan, but occasionally I get flying poop landing outside the box.

This isn’t something you want around when you’re trying to sell your house.

I figure I’ve saved enough on litter to pay for the thing, so when I move I’ll consider getting another, but only if they have somehow resolved this problem.

So now my cats have a regular litter box filled with regular litter.

I guess they’ve become so used to the arm sweeping the poop away that they don’t bother burying it anymore. 

They’ve been using the new litter box for about a week now, and they’ve built up a fine pile of cat output in the middle of the box.  I guess they’re wondering why it’s not getting swept away.  Spoiled brats.