Posting with BlogJet

I just registered my copy of BlogJet.  I’ve been using it for the last month to post to my blog here and my internal blog at work, and I find it so much nicer than editing in a browser.

Too many times I’ve lost what I’ve been typing in a browser window because:

  • I accidentally hit a keystroke that caused the browser to go back or forward or to another page.
  • I’ve clicked a link in some other program that launched a browser window, and the browser decided to reuse the window I was typing in for the new content.
  • Something I’ve done in another tab of the browser has caused the browser to crash.  Yes, I’m talking about Firefox.

So there are some good reasons to use something that isn’t a browser to edit content.

Of course I could have been using something like FrontPage and then copying/pasting the resulting HTML into the blog post window in the browser, but that’s just adding more steps.  Using BlogJet removes steps:  Launch BlogJet, type stuff, click Post.  Done.

And if I want to include an image in a post, I can do it inline.  It’ll FTP the image up to the server for me.