Peeking inside Google Talk

It's impressive how Google Talk is a single executable. No DLLs, and just one 2mb executable. All the resources - the ring sound, the graphics - are contained within the EXE.

Looking through the Google Talk executable, I found a URL:

Visiting their site, it looks like they're a provider of VoIP technology.

An acquisition target for Google? Or did Google license their technology?

If I could figure out how to buy their stock (looks like the symbol is GIPS.OTC but it's not an American issue) I might just do it.

There's a path to a header file:


So I guess the codename for Google Talk was Cricket.

Also looks like there's a command line argument /gaiaserver and /nogaiaauth. Wonder what those do.

It's funny that there's an error message in there, "This application cannot run using the active version of the Microsoft .NET Runtime". It's not a .NET app, but the message probably comes from the standard runtime.

The EXE also mentions Equifax.