Installing Eclipse Database Support, Failure

The first problem I’ve been running into has nothing really to do with Eclipse, other than that it’s not handling a common failure very well. To use Eclipse to browse my database, I need to install a plugin – I’m not sure which plugin exactly, but I know at work I have Eclipse with all the plugins available from the standard update site, and it’s got a database explorer pane that my installation at home doesn’t have.

Trying to install plugins at home is failing, with:

“Unable to retrieve remote reference " eclipse/updates/3.0/plugins/ org.eclipse.wst.rdb.dbdefinition.db2.iseries_1.0.0.jar". [Connection timed out: connect]

Rather than offering to retry (or automatically retrying), I’m simply told that the update failed. Bad. The URL is also suspect; note the double forward slash.